MORMONISM (sections represent up to one hour)

#1 Introduction: The Mormon Facade (Corey effectively dresses and plays the role of a live Mormon Missionary and transitions midway by revealing his true identity and personal testimony)

#2 Essential Mormonism I: The History & Basic Authority in Mormonism

#3 Essential Mormonism II: The Mormon Doctrine(s) of God

#4 Essential Mormonism III: The Mormon Doctrine(s) of Salvation

#5 Tactics and Resources for Witnessing to Mormons

#6 Q & A


#1 God’s Existence I: The Origin and Existence of the Universe

#2 God’s Existence II: The Intelligent Design of the Universe

#3 God’s Existence III: The Moral Fabric of the Universe

#4 God’s Existence IV: The Meaning & Purpose of Life in the Universe

#5 Historical Reliability of the Bible I: Assessing the Biblical Documents Themselves

#6 Historical Reliability of the Bible II: Confirmation from Archaeology & Extra-Biblical History

#7 Historical Reasons in Support of the Divine Origin of the Bible: Messianic Prophecy

#8 Historical Resurrection of Christ: The Clinching Fact for the Truth of Christianity

#9 Major Objections to Christianity I: Problem of Evil, Pain and Suffering

#10 Major Objections to Christianity II: Problem of Religious Hypocrisy

#11 Major Objections to Christianity III: Problem of Christ’s Exclusivity & Religious Pluralism

#12 Q & A


#1 Living Our Lives in Light of Eternity

#2 Authentic Christianity: Faith That Works

#3 Loving God with Your Mind: Jesus & Philosophy

#4 Who Am I?  Why does it Matter?

#5 Why American Christianity Must Change or Die

#6 How to Be a Christian and Look Like One Too

#7 Living by Faith


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